Chelmer Girls Cricket Challenge

The excitement continues! After a fantastic inaugural season in 2018, the Chelmer Girls Cricket Challenge will be back again in 2019!

Wests will running this cricket event again for MSW girls at our Chelmer Sports Ground Facility and other facilities on Friday nights between October 11 and November 22.

Check out the details of the Chelmer Girls Cricket Challenge in this brochure:


Details about the organisation of the Chelmer Girls Cricket Challenge are summarised below. Please note that these details are subject to change, however the particulars will be resolved well before the start of the competition!


Why are we running this competition?

The Chelmer Girls Cricket Challenge fills a gap in the cricket opportunities for girls in the Brisbane Metro South West association area between Junior and Master Blaster cricket and the Premier Girls Youth competition. Most girls in our area play junior mixed cricket until their mid to late teens when they progress to women's cricket. Playing mixed junior fixtures provides a strong base for girls to develop their game, but many girls - understandably! - like the challenge of playing cricket only with other girls as well. Until recently there has been limited opportunity for girls to play competitive girls-only cricket in the MSW region unless they play in Premier Girls Youth, representative or women's teams.

The formation of new Chelmer Girls Cricket Challenge enables girls to play cricket with girls on Friday nights while still continuing to play junior mixed cricket on Saturday or women's Premier Grade cricket fixtures on Sundays.

Where and when will games be played?

All games will be played under lights at Wests' picturesque Chelmer Sports Ground at Queenscroft St, Chelmer, and at other venues in Brisbane's south-west.

Two Stage 1 games will be played simultaneously on the outfield each Friday night between 4:30 - 5:50pm. (The surface of the Chelmer ground is firm and closely cut to a standard suitable for Premier Cricket first and second grade games, so the surface is suitable for use as a pitch for junior games played with a modified ball.)

One Stage 2 game will be played on the turf centre wicket each night between 6:00 - 8:30pm.


We expect that up to six teams of seven players will participate in the Stage 1 competition, and four teams of nine players will compete in the Stage 2 comp.

It is anticipated that teams will be either formed by single MSW clubs or by joint teams from two or more clubs (for those clubs where player numbers are limited).

Players will register for their home clubs, even if they play for joint teams.


Teams will be formed based on the skill level of the players with age used as a guide. This gives clubs the flexibility to place girls in a team based on their current level of skill, helping to ensure that they enjoy playing cricket.

The Stage 2 competition is intended for girls in the range of about 11 to 14 or 15 years of age and the Stage 1 competition is intended for girls in the range of about 10 to 12 years of age.

For 2019, the competition will be run with a single division in each of the Stage 1 and Stage 2 competitions.


The competition will be Cricket Australia Stage 1 and Stage 2 formats. These are modified forms of the game which have been scaled to match the smaller stature of younger and cricketers. Cricket Australia and Queensland Cricket introduced these formats in 2017, and they are progressively being introduced to the MSW junior cricket competitions. They are also used in the Premier Youth Girls competition (Stage 2), and are expected to be the format of Queensland Cricket's U15 and U13 State Challenge representative tournaments.

Click on the link below to read about Cricket Australia's junior cricket formats.

The season

For 2019, the season will run on Friday nights between 11 October and 22 November. Games will be played semi-weekly to ensure that girls playing in MSW junior mixed and senior competitions are not overloaded with too much cricket (yes, it is theoretically possible to have a cricket overload!)

Stage 1 teams will play six round-robin T12 (twelve overs per side) games over a 6-week period (ending on 16 November). Stage 2 teams will play six T20 (twenty overs per side) round-robin games plus a final or playoff game over a 7-week period.


A draw will be posted before the season commences after players and teams have been registered.


All games will be scored. The Stage 1 competition will be a round-robin contest where games are competitively run, but with with no competition leaderboard and no "final".

The Stage 2 competition will feature a round robin competition and a leaderboard will be retained with team placings based on accumulated points for wins, losses and net run rate. In the final week, first and second placed teams will play a final, and the third and fourth placed teams will play a play-off game.


Wests will run a Canteen Cafe at the Chelmer Sports Ground on all game nights which will offer a range of reasonably-priced food and drink. This will enable girls and their families and friends to enjoy an evening out playing and watching cricket

What better way to spend a Friday evening than a relaxed dinner and cricket at the picturesque Chelmer Sports Ground?!

How to register

If you're a Wests player and you want to register to play or know more about being involved in this competition, please contact Wests' Girls Cricket Co-ordinator Mick Varidel at

If you're from a club other than Wests, please contact your Club's Girls Cricket Co-ordinator.